Collaboration with the Globalworth Foundation

The Virtuosa Foundation, thanks to the decision of the great Partner, which is the Globalworth Foundation, will expand the possibilities of educating doctors and students of medical universities.
in Poland in the field of simulation of diagnostics and interventional treatment of heart defects in children. Patients' needs and constant progress make physicians more and more demanding. Establishing an appropriately equipped Medical Simulation Cardiology Laboratory at the "Children's Memorial Health Center" Institute gives the opportunity to increase the number of trained future pediatric cardiologists, anaesthesiologists and other specialties from several to several dozen per year. The experience of the team at the Cardiovascular Intervention Laboratory will, in turn, ensure high quality of the knowledge and experience transferred.

FUNDING VALUE: 123,000 euros

Thanks to the Great Artists for Little Patients Concert

High-fidelity simulator for training ultrasound

XPERIUS 2.0 ultrasound scanner
 For educational purposes

“Every year around 4,000 babies are born
in Poland with wro
suffering from a heart defect. Therefore, the Globalworth Foundation has decided to make a significant contribution to this extraordinary project, which will contribute to saving and improving the quality of life of children with a heart defect. The Globalworth Foundation will fund key simulation equipment in the first
in Poland, the Laboratory of Cardiology Simulation Me
at the Children's Memorial Health Institute. This training center will enable specialists to achieve resultstreatment of children, as well as provide new standards of education to students of medical universities in Poland. The laboratory will also act as a place where doctors will prepare for discussions with patients' parents ”.
“Simulation as an educational method shortens the time needed to acquire medical skills. The available simulators allow for an accurate reproduction of natural conditionstied, by which repeatedly executing fixed elementsfor example, cardiological interventionsvenality becomes more routine. Ultimately, this increases the precision so it improves the quality of treatment for children. Various forms of training and continental will be organized in the Medical Simulation Cardiology Laboratoryapplicable courses as part of the implemented
as part of the OP KED "Comprehensive cardio training program
intervention logic in children ".